Welcome to this week's installment of The Diaper Diaries. Today's interview is with Kristin D.

siyb: who are you, where are you from, and tell us a bit about your family.

KD: My name is Kristen. I have 3 kids, and have been with my husband for a grand total of (almost) 12 years. My youngest having a blood disorder really makes me extra thankful that I am a SAHM and able to better take care of her.

siyb: why/when/how did you start cloth diapering?

KD: I'm still pretty new to it. I started when my youngest was 6 months old (March 16). The thought never crossed my mind until I saw more and more pictures on FB of the cute designs. A friend told me about a local shop offering a free loaner program for WIC eligible moms, so I took the hour drive to find out about it. I was given lots of different kinds, but found I was much more comfortable with pockets and AIOs. Now, a month into it, I've become addicted!!

siyb: how do you store your dirty diapers?

KD: I have a wetbag. I rinse them off, if poop, and throw them in there. Zip it up, and forget about them until the bag is full :)

siyb: how many cloth diapers do you suggest for a newborn? toddler?

KD: I'm not so sure, as I haven't cloth diapered a newborn, nor a toddler. But I currently have 20 pocket diapers for my 7 month old, and it seems to be enough to get me through 2 days without doing laundry.

siyb:  what do you recommend for night time diapering and why?

KD: I still use sposies at night time because we bedshare, and I'm afraid that we'll have a leak, with my luck. However, I have heard great things about KaWaii Baby- as long as they're double stuffed!

siyb:  how do you deal with your poopy diapers?

KD: I rinse them out with a shower hose on the highest setting. Spray all the poop with cold water, and keep rinsing until the water runs clear. I either leave them in the tub, or put them in the wetbag and leave it until I wash them.

siyb: what is your best cloth diapering advice for a newbie?

KD: Join a cloth diapering group, or a fan page, and ask ask ask! Don't be afraid that you're asking too many questions. As someone said to me "We were all newbies at one point and had a ton of questions. And now we can pay it forward by answering other people's questions." Also, make sure you try all different kinds so that you know what kind you're more comfortable with.

siyb: do you use a diaper sprayer? if so, do you have any tips on how not to overspray?

KD: Since I have a removable shower head, I just rinse them in the tub, and bleach the tub when I'm done. I didn't see a need to buy another hose. Plus, my 5 year old would probably soak my entire bathroom if we had a sprayer attached to the toilet!

ok, i hope you found some helpful information with this interview! if you'd like to be the next person interview or if you have a question you'd like the community to answer, send an email to baby@sewisyourface.com with the subject line: The Diaper Diaries.