Welcome to the latest installment of the Diaper Diaries where you can gain cloth diapering insights straight from your community! This interview comes to us from Elizabeth...

siyb: who are you, where are you from, and tell us a bit about your family. 

E: My name is Elizabeth but my husband and friends call me "Bert." I live in the Twin Cities, MN with my college sweetheart husband and two children. My son, Buggie, is three years old and my daughter, Lady Bug, is nine months old. I'm a stay at home mom and a contributing writer for She Thinks Media.

siyb: why/when/how did you start cloth diapering? 

E: I started cloth diapering in 2009 when Buggie was two months old. My first who was three months ahead of me with her first had decided to cloth diaper. When my husband heard that we could save money cloth diapering HE was the one who was hooked on the idea and I was along for the ride. Now I love it and I can't imagine another way of diapering a child. 

siyb: what do you carry in your diaper bag? 

E: Not much. I hate having a bulky bag so I have a medium Leslie's Boutique wet bag and one diaper depending on how long I'm out. I also use disposable wipes (*gasp!*) when I'm out unless I'm feeling uber motivated and decide to soak some of my cloth wipes. I really think that's all that I need. If I happen to have some AIOs or fitteds I'd rather use those than pockets b/c they aren't as bulky.

siyb: have you had any cloth diapering mishaps? what did you learn from them? 

E: I had a few cheaper brand diapers who's PUL fell apart on me. The company replaced them. I think it was a complete mishap. I also dried all of my first stash on low heat until the inserts were dry. That means the covers with the PUL too. Needless to say, after about two years of use the PUL started to crack. Now I only do one 30 minute cycle on low heat for the covers.

siyb: what is your favorite kind of detergent for cloth diapers and why? 

E: Eco Sprout. I love that it doesn't leave any kind of residue behind and that my diapers don't smell. They look clean too.

siyb: what would your dream stash of cloth diapers have in it? 

E: More fitteds! I'm totally a pocket girl but I'm branching out and finding that I really like the other kinds of diapers. So I'd say lots of Goodmama fitteds, bumGenius Freetimes and some itti bitti tuttos (AIO).

siyb: what is your best cloth diapering advice for a newbie? 

E: Take it one step at a time but stay committed. With all new things there's a learning curve and that goes for fluff. If you can try different kinds of diapers so you can figure out what you like before you decide on what the majority of your stage will be. Also buy the diaper sprayer. It will encourage your success and eliminate any need to swish.

siyb: have you gone on vacation and used cloth diapers? how was that experience? got any advice for others who are reluctant to travel while cloth diapering

E: I travel to my parents' house with cloth frequently. It's really not that different except for the diaper sprayer. I could not do cloth diapers if I didn't have my sprayer and traveling without it confirms how valuable it is to me.

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